Selina and her work have been featured on many blogs, podcasts, and in international publications including: The British Journal of Photography, Visions (Ooty, India), PDN Magazine, Picture, and HOW Magazine.

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Topic: Steps to Success

May 18, 2017

Shelter Studios
721 Harding Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413


"The reality of being in the photography business is that nothing happens without making a sale. Take all the beautiful photos you want, but unless you market yourself and make a sale, you will go out of business.

To make that sale you have to let people know about you and what you do; this is marketing. This is also where the Steps to Success program can help. Selina Maitreya has put together a powerful program designed to jump-start the creative business person's marketing system, even if they are starting from zero.

The workshop proved eye-opening to the attendees and they all left with a new understanding of what they have to offer visually and how to approach the marketplace effectively in order to secure more assignments."

Ron Jautz,

"I first met Selina while I was Co Chair of APA|NY. We partnered with her to do many events for our chapter. In choosing events for the year, our events committee would look to Selina because of her long history of serving/supporting photographers and her stellar reputation in the photo industry.

I know that Selina's success is no accident. She is an amazingly generous, energetic, people-person whose spirit and work ethic inspires confidence and trust, but more than anything else she is passionate about photography and takes great joy in supporting photographers.

There are many consultants out there and it’s good to be cautious of who you put in front of your photographers/members. Selina comes from a place of honesty and openness, has deep knowledge of our industry and is someone who really wants photographers to not only succeed but to thrive.

Selina’s latest event - “Steps to Success “ truly gives photographers the tools they need to succeed in today’s unpredictable market ."

Theresa Raffeto,
Past National President APA

"Selina brought current insight and indispensable information, to a full house of professional photographers, about the trials and tribulations of working successfully in today’s photographic environment. She was direct yet informal about what it takes to bring your images to this vast market. For some it was an eye-opener and for others, like myself, a confirmation of what we are doing right now ... but, the most important message for me was not to give up ones ‘dream’, to believe in what one does best and stay the course. This is usually the ‘Achilles heel’ of most photographers. "

Struan Campbell-Smith ,
CAPIC Toronto

"Several ASMP members from around the country have asked me if Selina Maitreya is worth bringing to their city. Without hesitation my answer is, ABSOLUTELY! Selina's programs are packed with great information for the young photographer as well as the high-end shooter."

Antonino Barbagallo,

"Selina is brilliant. She understands photographers and our ever-accelerating changing field like no one else. Her unique perspective incorporates not only her decades of experience in the industry, but also her personal philosophies about the inseparable links between a photographer's vision, style, and life. Her presentations are entertaining, highly informative and informal, and comprehensively cover a wide range of crucial contemporary issues."

Jeff Kausch,
APA SF Chapter Regional Director

"Selina is an energetic, engaging speaker. Her program has one of those too often overlooked qualities: it's fun. She has a natural enthusiasm that gets people interested and excited, and most importantly...she knows her stuff. The marketing methods she presents are things you may have heard of before, and they bear repeating. Be consistent in the presentation of your brand. Know what it is that you want to shoot and how it can be used by clients. Ruthlessly edit out everything that does not fit that vision.

Show and Tell was a great success for ASMP St. Louis. We can't wait to have her back!"

Jay Fram,
President, ASMP St. Louis

"Selina's presentation To the Atlanta ASMP was very useful for for our members. Selina’s longevity in the business gives her a unique perspective, one that enables her to guide all photographers regardless of their individual areas of focus or history. An added plus? Selina has a personality that gets her points across without ever being condescending. If I was currently in a position to need career advice, I would not hesitate to hire her."

Ron Sherman,
ASMP Atlanta

"I have seen a great many public speakers and few are as comfortable and matter-of-fact as Selina when it comes to addressing the issues which face not only the day to day, but broader career concerns of photographers. Her successful blend of personal and business experience was presented in a fun and manageable light. The fact that Selina not only appeared with her “competition,” but invited her to join in the discussion, speaks worlds to the fact that Selina practices what she preaches when she talks of honoring your competition.

I commend you for this and thank you for your efforts on behalf of APA/LA."

Bradford Nordeen,
Regional Chapter Director, APA/LA