Power To The Photographer!

Power To The Photographer! is a dynamic visually driven, information packed, two part, day long program that brings together two of the Photo industry’s power woman.

Selina Maitreya and Jenna Close have come together to educate and inspire photographers in all disciplines and at any level of professional expertise.

The morning program Steps to Success, led by veteran consultant and best-selling author Selina Maitreya, clearly shows photographers (via a visual keynote program) which specific sales and marketing steps to create in order to develop a successful business. Using case studies of 2 of Selina’s successful clients, photographers are able to clearly see how they too can develop a successful sales and marketing program.

The afternoon program facilitated by Jenna Close (Buck The Cubicle director of Photography and past ASMP National Chair), will focus on image registration, and licensing as well as assignment pricing. Photographers will have an opportunity to understand how licensing works with real life examples that Jenna will provide.

A robust Q&A will take place after both the morning and afternoon teaching.

The day long program offers photographers the opportunity to learn key specific information that directly effects the success of their business and provides ample opportunity for each photographer attending to have their specific questions answered.

Contact for available dates and additonal information.


Topic: Power To The Photographer

Date: January 25, 2020
Location: School Of Visual Arts, NYC, NY

Date: February 21, 2020
Location: Southeast Film and Video Conference, Columbia, SC


Date: February 28 - March 1, 2020
Location: ASMP, Colorado

Date: March 28, 2020
Location: ASMP, Dallas, TX


Topic: Power To The Photographer

Date: October 19, 2019
Location: ASMP/NE, Boston, MA

Date: January 11, 2020
Location: ASMP, Portland, OR


Selina and her work have been featured on many blogs, podcasts, and in international publications including: The British Journal of Photography, Visions (Ooty, India), PDN Magazine, Picture, and HOW Magazine.


The creative impulse manifests in many ways from the tangible to the transcendent. For Selina Maitreya, creating symbiosis in relationships and empowering the artfulness of the soul are serious personal and professional pursuits.

Widely respected for her innovative presentations and her highly effective individual training sessions, she brings an impressive range of talents to her photo- consulting activities. And with an extensive history in the photographic, advertising, marketing, business and academic communities, she has earned a reputation as integritous, humble and tenacious.

In addition to lecturing over 100 times by invitation from APA, ASMP and CAPIC,Selina has been interviewed for articles in, The British Journal of Photography, VISION (OOTY INDIA) ADWEEK, PDN, PICTURE, HOW magazine and The Boston Globe Magazine.

Selina has authored articles that have appeared in numerous industry trades publications and her best selling book, PORTFOLIOS THAT SELL was published in June 2003, with Oprah Winfrey's photo editor at O Magazine, Karen Frank calling it a "must have for any pro photographer”.

Selina's second book, HOW TO SUCCEED IN COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY is another best-seller and continues to be sold world wide and is on B&H’s coveted best selling book list.

Selina can be reached:


"It should come as no surprise that our chapter has hosted Selina several times over the past 20 years of my involvement with ASMP. She always presents extremely useful and relevant program that photographers can put to work in marketing their businesses.

Her latest offering, STEPS TO SUCCESS is a solid, non-gimmicky plan that any photographer, from established veteran to emerging newcomer, can use to be more successful.

What’s more, she has hard numbers from her own clients to show that her plan works. She knows of what she speaks. With over thirty years of industry experience, she has not only seen it all, but has helped many photographers world wide, succeed through the many ups and downs of their professional creative careers."

Karl Herber,
President Emeritus ASMP, Minneapolis St. Paul Chapter

"Selina came to APA|NY with the highest of recommendations, and it was easy to see why. She was a dream to work with: cooperative, supportive and the consummate professional. Her reputation clearly precedes her, as there was a not an empty seat in the house at our event!

Her presentation was empowering, generous and honest. It was absolutely inspiring to see how passionate she is about the art and business of photography, and about sharing her vast knowledge with the audience. We would not hesitate to welcome her back for a future program."

Julia Graham,
Regional Director, APA/NY

"The reality of being in the photography business is that nothing happens without making a sale. Take all the beautiful photos you want, but unless you market yourself and make a sale, you will go out of business.

To make that sale you have to let people know about you and what you do; this is marketing. This is also where the Steps to Success program can help. Selina Maitreya has put together a powerful program designed to jump-start the creative business person's marketing system, even if they are starting from zero.

The workshop proved eye-opening to the attendees and they all left with a new understanding of what they have to offer visually and how to approach the marketplace effectively in order to secure more assignments."

Ron Jautz,

"I first met Selina while I was Co Chair of APA|NY. We partnered with her to do many events for our chapter. In choosing events for the year, our events committee would look to Selina because of her long history of serving/supporting photographers and her stellar reputation in the photo industry.

I know that Selina's success is no accident. She is an amazingly generous, energetic, people-person whose spirit and work ethic inspires confidence and trust, but more than anything else she is passionate about photography and takes great joy in supporting photographers.

There are many consultants out there and it’s good to be cautious of who you put in front of your photographers/members. Selina comes from a place of honesty and openness, has deep knowledge of our industry and is someone who really wants photographers to not only succeed but to thrive.

Selina’s latest event - “Steps to Success “ truly gives photographers the tools they need to succeed in today’s unpredictable market ."

Theresa Raffeto,
Past National President APA

"Selina brought current insight and indispensable information, to a full house of professional photographers, about the trials and tribulations of working successfully in today’s photographic environment. She was direct yet informal about what it takes to bring your images to this vast market. For some it was an eye-opener and for others, like myself, a confirmation of what we are doing right now ... but, the most important message for me was not to give up ones ‘dream’, to believe in what one does best and stay the course. This is usually the ‘Achilles heel’ of most photographers. "

Struan Campbell-Smith ,
CAPIC Toronto

"Selina is brilliant. She understands photographers and our ever-accelerating changing field like no one else. Her unique perspective incorporates not only her decades of experience in the industry, but also her personal philosophies about the inseparable links between a photographer's vision, style, and life. Her presentations are entertaining, highly informative and informal, and comprehensively cover a wide range of crucial contemporary issues."

Jeff Kausch,
APA SF Chapter Regional Director

"Selina's presentation To the Atlanta ASMP was very useful for for our members. Selina’s longevity in the business gives her a unique perspective, one that enables her to guide all photographers regardless of their individual areas of focus or history. An added plus? Selina has a personality that gets her points across without ever being condescending. If I was currently in a position to need career advice, I would not hesitate to hire her."

Ron Sherman,
ASMP Atlanta

"I have seen a great many public speakers and few are as comfortable and matter-of-fact as Selina when it comes to addressing the issues which face not only the day to day, but broader career concerns of photographers. Her successful blend of personal and business experience was presented in a fun and manageable light. The fact that Selina not only appeared with her “competition,” but invited her to join in the discussion, speaks worlds to the fact that Selina practices what she preaches when she talks of honoring your competition.

I commend you for this and thank you for your efforts on behalf of APA/LA."

Bradford Nordeen,
Regional Chapter Director, APA/LA